A new destination in Greece / Crete

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Immerse yourself in this unique hideaway located in Crete with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. Our well hidden secret reveals a paradise for all of your senses. The cave Suites, the Wellness Spa & the Yoga Shala embrace the area’s raw aesthetic in a perfect balance. Bohemian luxury Chic vibes will please your aesthetics and eye for detail as well as welcome your body in the most relaxing and spiritual luxury experience.
All of our residences provide 100% privacy to let the rest of the world behind as you enter the world of Acro Wellness Suites.
The view of the infinity pools connecting visually with the blue of the Cretan sea is the element which will place you in a blue universe under the warm Greek sun.

Acro, originates from the ancient Greek word “akros/akron”

that means on the edge, where our small paradise is actually located. The edge of the cliffs overlooking the sea.

The original inspiration as well as the architecture of the resort

is based on organic, bohemian, contemporary design, with the unique natural surroundings being in total harmony.

Acro is a wellness retreat, a place to get away from it all!

A place of privacy, withdrawing from the rest of the world and everyday routine.

Daily yoga, healthy, organic, delicious meals, massages and the opportunity to rejuvenate & reconnect with yourself and nature.

An opportunity for a new you, away from the hustle of daily life!

Let our once-in-a-lifetime views and caring hospitality indulge you in your own private cocoon.

The Main Restaurant

with breathtaking sea views and an outdoor terrace: Our gastronomic philosophy is based on the authentic Cretan Diet.


An in-house Wellness Spa where you will restore both your body and soul. Start your day with it to prepare for another amazing day in Paradise.

Yoga Terrace / Yoga Shala

Our favorite spot is for us a place to share, learn, grow, heal, practice love to be one with the supreme. Join us in our spiritual and physical activities and connect with the unique energy of this magnificent piece of Cretan earth.


Located at the edge of a hill in Mononaftis Bay, in the most peaceful area of Agia Pelagia, Heraklion, Crete ACRO aims to become your favourite location. Just 22km from the HER airport and just 28km from the city centre or the port of Heraklion.